Happy Birthday Hope!

…well, its not the actual ‘day’ yet…but it is coming up!

40th Anniversary

Remember, this Sunday at 5pm we will begin our year-long celebration of God’s work in and through this family known as Hope Lutheran Church. Here are some points of information for you as you plan your Sunday:

  • Celebration Worship Begins at 5pm on Sunday, January 22nd (THIS SUNDAY!!)
    • Stories of ‘the beginning’ from our Charter Members
    • Music and Drama from most of our performing arts groups
    • Communion presided over by both Pastor Rob and founding Pastor Vic Mesenbring
    • This is a jam packed celebration and will be longer than usual…but it will be awesome!
    • There will be nursery that night
  • Sunday Morning January 22nd (the same day)
    • Yes…we will have worship at all of our regular times (8am, 9:30am, 11am)
    • Feel free to skip the morning and come only in the evening…its ok…
  • What to do or bring (CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP)
    • Food…we can always have more food, right?
    • Clean-up…what we REALLY need is more people to help clean up after
  • Rides?
    • Do you need a ride to church that evening? We will pick you up…
      •  CLICK HERE to let us know that you need a ride
    • Are you willing to pick people up and offer a ride if needed?
    • To volunteer simply CLICK HERE and scroll to the bottom


From one perspective it is a good idea to keep letters like this short and focused which would keep the topic of this letter limited to the 40th Anniversary of Hope. However…in this case my next piece of news goes hand-in-hand with our past.

This last Sunday, we as a congregation voted to extend the ministry and mission of Hope Lutheran Church to a second site in South Lyon. The vote was 88 in favor, 13 against, and 1 abstention, making this one of our largest most energetic congregational meetings short of calling a pastor.

Now the real work begins!!

Thank you Hope for taking a true leap of faith, for following the Spirit’s lead, for being willing to share that which has meant so much to us with others beyond these walls and this property.

* * * * * *

That is all I have for today. Please pay attention to the Hope Facebook posts for the next few days and share the posts you see in order to invite the community to the event on Sunday night!

See you Sunday!!

Pastor Rob

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