Strategic Planning Council Update

Hello.  My name is Kirk Erven.  I’m currently serving as the Strategic Planning Council (SPC) president and would like to open a line of communication through this BLOG.


I’d like to start by recognizing SPC members Alan Bergstrom, Andrea Chowanic, Kevin Huffman, Kellie McKibbon, Robin Petix, Karen Vandeveer, John Warren and Pastor Rob. We will be introducing them and blessing them into their service to the gospel through Hope Church on October 23rd at the 9:30 am service.  Please be there to pray over them, support them, meet them and thank them for all they do.  I give thanks to this group for their commitment and passion for Hope.

2nd Site

At the May congregational meeting, Pastor Rob provided an overview of an opportunity we have to spread the gospel beyond the current definition of “Hope Church” which is to develop a second site in South Lyon.  The concept is that we would be one congregation that worships in two places (Farmington Hills AND South Lyon).

Over the past 6 months, SPC has thoroughly evaluated opening a second site and recommends that we move forward with this opportunity.  Shepherd’s Way is an ELCA church of around 40 that worships in South Lyon.  We have begun discussions with Shepherd’s Way about what our futures might look like together. We have an exciting opportunity to provide more people the chance to experience what we experience at Hope.  Stay tuned for additional information.

Finances – Parking Lot and Payroll Adjustments

When the congregation approved the 2016 Hope mission plan (budget), we knew that giving would need to increase significantly to meet the plan.  As our Stewardship team has communicated, giving this year hasn’t increased enough to meet the mission plan that we approved.  Through the end of September, we have a deficit of $72,000 and a projected deficit at the end of the year of $35,000 to $40,000.  Unfortunately, we need to reduce the hours of several staff positions in November to reduce this year’s projected deficit and to reduce the 2017 mission plan.  These reductions include the parish administrator (30 hrs/wk down from 40 hrs/wk), secretary (20 hrs/wk down from 30 hrs/wk), and bookkeeper (15 hrs/wk down from 21 hrs/wk).    Please keep those affected by these reductions in your prayers.  We are still working on the 2017 mission plan but know that that it will be significantly less than the 2016 mission plan.  The Stewardship communication also noted that we still need to raise $82,000 to complete payment for the parking lot reconstruction.  Thank you for your faithful giving and prayerful consideration of continuing support for the ministries at Hope.

To encourage dialogue and communication, I invite you to complete one or more of the following statements in regards to Hope…

We should…

Why have we always…

I would like to be more involved by…

It would be fun if Hope….

Why doesn’t Hope offer…

Feel free to post your responses, email them to the email address below, or text them to the number below.  Thanks!

I’m excited and optimistic about what’s happening at Hope and look forward to following our call together!




2 thoughts on “Strategic Planning Council Update

  1. Kirk,

    Thanks for the update, and thanks to you and all of your colleagues on the SPC for the hard work you do for all of us. As we process the many opportunities and challenges we face together at Hope, and in particular the prospect of a second site, may I suggest that it would be helpful to have two things as much in advance as possible: 1) an estimated 3 year budget for the second site; and 2) an estimate of staff resources needed to support the second site (i.e., who, doing what, how often, etc.)? Looking at this information in conjunction with a 2017 operating budget may help create some peace of mind and confidence in next steps. Again, thanks to all of you. Dirk


  2. Kirk,

    Can you please share more information on Hope’s SPC and the titles/roles/responsibilities of each member? Posting that information, as well as their contact information, on Hope’s website would be beneficial to members who want to reach out with thoughts / ideas / questions as it relates to the strategic direction of Hope in the areas each of the council members are responsible for (finance, worship, etc.). Thanks.


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