FAQ on the “South Lyon 2nd Site” possibility

Why are we looking at the South Lyon project?

We are called to spread the Good News of the Gospel.  The SPC has been in discussion of opening a second campus for a year now as part of our strategic plan.  We have entertained ideas of inner city Detroit, as well as opportunities to the west.  South Lyon is one of the fastest growing communities in Michigan.  When this opportunity presented itself, Hope leadership met with past SPC presidents and ministry staff to discuss this possibility.  In addition, the opportunity has been discussed with both the Personnel and Finance Committees.  During the past year, we have sought the guidance of the Holy Spirit through prayer and will continue to do so as we pursue this opportunity.

What is the long-term plan for the South Lyon project? 

The intent is for South Lyon to be a long-term second campus of Hope.

How will the South Lyon project affect Hope financially?

The South Lyon Project will be funded by monies from the local synod and National Church. These funds will cover the financial needs of the South Lyon project for three years.

How will pastoral staff be handled at South Lyon? 

A second ordained pastor would be called to have a shared responsibility for South Lyon. This opportunity will enable Hope to return to a two pastor team that will also be involved at Hope Farmington.

How will hope South Lyon affect our Worship, Music and the Arts staff? 

The short answer is it won’t.  Services in South Lyon will have limited musical needs (details to be determined).  Hope will continue its vibrant worship experience at all three Sunday morning services.

Where in South Lyon will we worship? 

The locations of services are yet to be determined.

Can we wait and initiate the South Lyon project in a couple of years? 

Current funding for the congregation in South Lyon will be discontinued in the near future. In order to incorporate the existing congregation, we would need to initiate the South Lyon project now.

Shepherd’s Way is a mission congregation of the ELCA already.  Why does Hope need to be involved? 

Shepherd’s Way has been a mission start for 15 years with very little growth.  In the near future, they will no longer be viable due to a discontinuation of funds supporting them as a mission start.   The ELCA has struggled in developing viable congregations from new mission starts. A new model of church growth utilizes vibrant, existing churches opening second campuses as a way to bring worship opportunities to areas that don’t have an ELCA presence.

What can I do to help?

Review the South Lyon project ideas and discuss your thoughts with others in the congregation, the staff, and/or SPC members. Pray for guidance as we evaluate this opportunity. Spiritual growth occurs when we are challenged.

What is the timeline for the South Lyon project? 

Hope will not proceed with the South Lyon project until funding from the local ELCA synod and National Church comes through.  We don’t know when these funding decisions will be made but expect to be notified by the end of July ‘16.  Once funding is approved and the project is approved by the congregation, we will move forward with the call process for an associate pastor.  In the meantime, Pr. Tom Sugger will provide ministerial support for Hope as well as the South Lyon project.

What will be the name of the second campus in South Lyon? 

That is a great question… perhaps we should have a naming contest of sorts.  We are open to suggestions as to how this naming process could proceed

What does Shepherd’s Way think of this opportunity?

They are very much aware of their soon to be challenging financial situation as national and local funds come to a close.  They very much want to see an ELCA presence continue in South Lyon.

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