So…what is this? Why do we have a BLOG? Why not just use a website?

In short, no matter how ‘up to date’ a website happens to be, it is still static. It is a ‘one way’ communication showing what others think you need to know, see or read. You as a user and viewer of the website have no voice…

But…this BLOG is anything but static…

This will be a place where you, where anyone and everyone, can read-contribute, consume-respond, see-reply to the content on this page. It is a place where we all can share, debate, agree…we can be community with our ideas and our opinions.

In general there are two categories: first there are the staff BLOGS. Staff members who choose to do so will occasionally post content under their TAB, secondly there is general HOPE CHURCH news both in the E-News section as well as posts under HOPE’S FUTURE where there will occasionally be visions, dreams, ideas, callings we may be experiencing as a church family.

You are invited…ENCOURAGED…to FOLLOW (on the right…just click) and share your thoughts (see the REPLY box on the very bottom of the page).